rehabilitation technology that ensures you stay ahead of the curve

Interactive rehabilitation technology that ensures you stay ahead of the curve

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Jintronix provides state-of-the-art, interactive virtual rehabilitation technology that continually evolves to meet the strategic needs of skilled nursing facilities and contract therapy companies.

Key Benefits

Boost Outcomes

Engage patients in an evidence- based approach that increases participation, intensifies therapy and delivers better outcomes.

Transition into PDPM

Run highly engaging, efficient and effective group programs that simplify workflows, save time and resources and achieve great clinical results.

Expand LTAC Programs

Extend therapy and strengthen restorative nursing with activities designed to help long-term care residents maintain higher levels of functioning, and decrease their risk of falls.

Clinical Outcomes

Strengthen clinical pathways

Integrate Jintronix into your clinical pathways and programs with a comprehensive content suite designed to address your patients’ most prevalent conditions and needs.

Boost clinical outcomes

Help patients push harder and engage for longer, improving their endurance and leading to more successful outcomes.

Measure patient progress

Improve care planning and share patient results with referral partners by tracking the subtle progress patients make through objective outcomes reporting tools.

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Group Therapy

Expand opportunities

Deliver more group therapy with structured programs that accommodate a wide range of patient levels and abilities.

Simplify workflow

Enable therapists to run group programs quickly and effectively with a simple setup that saves them time.

Increase skilled interventions

Provide collaborative and competitive games to help drive positive patient engagement, freeing therapists to assist with dedicated 1-on-1 skilled interventions.

LTAC Programs

Expand therapy services

Increase LTAC resident participation in therapy with specialized programs for residents with cognitive impairments.

Deliver restorative nursing programs

Empower aides, nurses and activities staff with programs to run clinically meaningful restorative nursing programs.

Improve quality measures

Enhance resident participation in therapy, wellness and exercise to strengthen fall prevention programs.

What partners say

We had 139 CVA, orthopedic and cardiac patients participate in a supplemental therapy program. Their re-hospitalization rates went from 11% to 5%.”

REGINA MELLYVP of Business Development,
The New Jewish Home

Our referral partners were over the moon as far as the capabilities of Jintronix. Our census went up from 172 to 194, all rehab candidates.”

TRAVIS WOMERRegional Rehab Director,
Centers Health Care

Jintronix is a comprehensive Web-based virtual rehab system. Therapy and LTAC solutions are all included.

Jintronix is a comprehensive Web-based virtual rehab system. Therapy and LTAC solutions are all included.

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