Jintronix, a leading developer of rehabilitation technology, has announced the release of an interactive person-centered group therapy program.

Designed to support providers in their transition to the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), Jintronix Group Therapy is offered as part of a comprehensive virtual rehabilitation system for skilled nursing and long-term care facilities.

“As the industry moves to PDPM, one big question is how to achieve strong patient outcomes while maintaining operational efficiency,” says Mark Evin, CEO of Jintronix. “Group therapy has become a critical focus, but it can be a struggle to make it individualized for each patient. We make it easier for therapists to run engaging and effective group therapy sessions that allow for more one-on-one skilled interventions.”

The Jintronix Group Therapy solution comes with several multiplayer games and a comprehensive set of group exercise routines. Activities include group soccer for balance and leg strengthening and group motorcycle racing for core strengthening. The solution provides a one-stop shop for running groups on:

  • Arms ROM & Endurance
  • Legs ROM & Endurance
  • Balance & Core

Group therapy can help create camaraderie among patients, but it’s often challenging for therapists to give each patient the attention they need. Jintronix Group Therapy activities maximize the social benefits of being together in a group while also giving therapists extra bandwidth to focus on the individual needs of each patient. The programs engage 2-6 patients simultaneously and automatically adjust the challenge to each patient’s unique functional level.

“When patients are having fun, they’re motivated to push harder,” Evin says. “That leads to improved endurance and more successful outcomes.” Several clinical studies show that video games not only boost patients’ enjoyment of therapy, but also the intensity of rehab and clinical outcomes. Research published on Jintronix shows significant improvement in physical activity performance, patient engagement and quality of life.